System integration and enhancement to optimize the running of the organisation to eliminate inefficiency, decrease costs and prepare for growth.

We have helped an organisation to restructure their platforms to remove significant administrative, hardware and licencing overheads. This will result in a huge increase in their profit, whilst providing a platform capable of delivering future innovation.


Working with the organisation to develop innovative ways of running their core business to increase revenue.

We have helped an organisation to develop a new App and cloud based business model to greatly increase the quality of their product and derive ongoing digital revenue.


Diversify and expand an organisation to derive new streams of revenue.

We have helped an organisation to evaluate their future disruptive risks and begin to diversify their business into new areas to protect their current profits and create new revenue streams.


  • Ross McKinnon has provided our company with invaluable guidance on establishing and maintaining information systems relevant to our business. His experience and achievements during his tenure as CIO of Michael Hill Jewellers speaks for itself, and we have seen his experience translate into significant efficiencies in our day-to-day operations. As a startup, all resources are tight – time, money and personnel, and Ross has saved us immeasurably on all three.

    Sam James – Chief Technology Officer – Vald Performance
  • Ross is one of those passionate people whose dedication and enthusiasm for innovation make him a pleasure to work with. He continually demonstrates a great understanding of the business. It’s processes, data, and it’s people.

    Scott Diprose – Business Intelligence Manager at Michael Hill.
  • Ross is a true strategic thinker who leaves no stone unturned in seeking to drive value. Having known and worked with Ross for a number of years I have seen him engineer high performing teams to deliver outcomes above and beyond expectations. His knowledge of the mechanics of business and finance is outstanding and compliments his core skills in the IT field making him an ideal C suite team member or consultant. Ross’ value outshines the traditional manager of IT and clearly positions him as an executive level operator where he works at a strategic level seeking to influence business models and generate sustainable revenue and value.

    Brett Wiskar – Company Director of Speedwell.
  • It is rare to find an IT executive who is able to blend vision with execution. I have worked with Ross over a 5 year period and have enjoyed our conversations, predominantly around Ross’ vision. Ross is able to align his vision with outcomes, and this has been demonstrated in his role and Michael Hill. Ross is an honest, hardworking professional with sound integrity.

    Wayne Shaw – Company Director of Comlinx.

Small businesses can unlock an additional $49.2 billion of private sector output over the next ten years by making better use of mobile and internet technologies to transform their operations.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia – August 2015

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